Accredited with A++ grade by NAAC
Affiliated to Bharathiar University
UGC 2 (f) & 12 (B) Recognised, An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution

Accredited with A++ grade by NAAC [CGPA 3.59/4]
Affiliated to Bharathiar University
UGC 2 (f) & 12 (B) Recognised, An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution


Resource Mobilization Policy

Financial Management and Resource Mobilisation

The institution has a very transparent and frequently audited system of managing and mobilising its financial resources. The college has to provide the best resources to the students and faculty to meet its requirements in the academic field. The Resource mobilization policy of the college focuses on achieving the goals and target of the institution ensuring accountability and transparency.

  1. The Institution is managed by non-profit organization with honorary governing body members which ensures the income generated is spent optimally in the institution itself. A financial advisory body is in place to manage the managed funds.
  2. Funds are provided to meet the infrastructure requirement of the institution while starting new programmes and centres.
  3. The management provides financial supports to conduct seminars, workshops, expert talks, association activities, Faculty Development programmes.
  4. The institution encourages each department to find sponsors while conducting seminars, fests and conferences.
  5. The involvement of Alumni Association and PTA are ensured while implementing various developmental programmes in the campus.
  6. Apart from the customary government aid, the financial and monitoring committee should study various ways to channelize funds for the development of the institution.
  7. All the construction and maintenance works are undertaken by the management after conducting a feasibility study with the help of financial and monitoring committee.
  8. The members of the faculty are encouraged to avail themselves of different research incentives/ funds/ aids by various agencies.
  9. Contribution from the public should be channelized with the help of implementing programmes that convey awareness about the value and challenges of higher education programmes.
  10. The financial resources in the institution are:
    1. Tuition Fee
    2. Hostel Fee
    3. Grants and Donations from individuals and philanthropist
    4. College Development Fund
    5. Alumni Contribution
  11. Grants and funds sanctioned by Management
    1. The institution has a strong financial advisory board for Management of accounts and all the accounts sanctioned are audited internally as well as externally. On behalf of the Management, all daily transactions are verified by the financial advisor of the college./li>
    2. The internal audit of Management accounts is done periodically by the Faisal and Co. They verify all financial transactions and submit a detailed report of observations based on the observations given by internal auditor. The financial advisor of the college modifies the statements of accounts.
    3. The Management has appointed Boss and Charles as the external auditor of the Management accounts. At the end of every financial year, they prepare annual financial statements and audit reports.